Shows & Live Performance

Meet Our Terrific Live Shows to Drive you Crazy!

You won’t believe your eyes!


6:00 pm  – Opening Gates
6:15 pm –  Escape Show ( Stage )
6:30 pm – The Vacation 1 – “Welcome to our hotel” ( Arena )
                    Strip Tease, Pole

6:45 pm –  Cult Of Bubbles & Zero ( Stage )
7:15 pm –  Drag Queen Show 1 ( Stage )
7:30 pm –  The Vacation 2 – “Time for Dinner” ( Arena )
                    Fire, Sword Balancing, Shower Show

7:45 pm –  Drag Queen Show 2 ( Stage )
8:05 pm –  Hypnosis Show (Stage)
8:45 pm – Drag Queen Show 3 ( Stage )
9:00 pm – Fear23 – Game/Challenge ( Stage ) – Sponsored By: Capitan Candy

Our program is subject to change without prior notice due to any circunstance


Those who work with fire are not always going to get burned. The heat from the flames of this show will warm your head! What you always thought was impossible will be live in front of your eyes! Get ready to believe the unbelievable and light that fire!

Cult of Bubbles & Zero

Breaking all cliche barriers, Bubbles & Zero will perform live on the Main Stage at Fearaphobia Scream Park 2023. The setlist will blow your mind and the performance will make you go crazy! Be well in the mind because the grace of these clowns will make your insanity laugh!

Drag Queen Show

Make your way to the Main Stage and reserve your spot to cheer on some of the night’s divas!
They will make your mind explode as they explore your secret desires and conquer you with their bizarre abilities.


Do you think you can be hypnotized? Let the master of hypnosis control your mind and your movements in front of the entire Fearaphobia audience. That’s right, you can participate in the show while The Master of Hypnoze makes you the main attraction on our stage! Don’t miss it!

Attention: This show is not recommended for pregnant women, people under the influence of alcohol or other substances, and people under 15 years of age.