Scare Attractions are popular all over the US and Europe at Halloween. Fearaphobia has 7 different Scare Experiences located within our Halloween Themed Scream Park. Each Experience is Terrifying and completely different and we promise to scare you out of your mind in each one! If you enjoy being scared, Fearaphobia is the place for you!

Show up at your booked time, there is plenty of time to visit all the attractions and then you can stay until we close if you like. There will be lots of scary entertainment in the park.

Our haunts are where your nightmares come true. As soon as you enter you will be transported into a realm of terror – a dark twisting maze through rooms populated with creatures from your worst nightmares. Your only goal will be to elude the predators who stalk you through the darkness – to be a survivor, not a victim.

Hey, fear is relative. We do our part by providing hands down some of the scariest haunted attractions. Of course everyone has their own particular fear threshold. The best answer we can give is that most people leaving our haunted attractions are screaming or laughing.

This event is geared at adults and older teenagers.

NO young children will be allowed onsite.

Young children who get to on site and are too scared to enter will not be forced (not even by their well-meaning parents). We do not recommend our attractions for very young children and the recommended age for Fearaphobia is 15+, however, anyone under the age of 15 is welcome as long as parents/guardians sign a waiver at the gate and accompany them at all times.

Yes, if you are too scared there will be security staff to escort you out.

There is also a SCARE FREE ZONE if you need to take a break from the chaos or just want to chill for a few minutes

No. You paid us to scare you. If you get scared in the line or in the first few rooms and want to leave, we’ve done what you paid us to do very quickly.

Be happy with prompt service!

We have a “no touch” policy – you don’t touch us, we don’t touch you. Unfortunately, due to the very dim lighting inside the haunts, you may occasionally come into accidental contact with one of our staff. Our monsters will not grab or maul you, however, you may be touched by some of our props.

Yes, there is plenty of FREE PARKING available

We do not recommend the haunted house to anyone who is pregnant.

The whole event will take between an 1.5 and 2 hrs (maybe a little faster for those with VIP Scream Passes).  Besides the Haunted Houses you will be entertained by all our entertainers and continuous shows including stage performers

You’re very welcome to dress up … it is completely optional and it can make the whole event more enjoyable.

However, there will be prizes for the Best Worst Dressed person each night!

NO – Alcohol is not allowed on-site. People under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to enter and will not get a refund

Our attractions have a fully trained security staff that keeps things running smoothly. If you have any problems, all staff wiil be clearly identifiable.

There is a selection of food and beverage on site in the “BONE YARD” and we have our ‘Creepy Merchandise Trailer’ brimming with fun and unusual products and don’t forget to purchase our Fearaphobia T-Shirts and Caps …they always run out of stock …so be quick !

Be aware that you will experience loud noises, strobe lighting and sudden events so we advise you not to come if you have a heart condition, epilepsy or any other condition which might be affected by such things.

If for any reason you have doubts about your health and well being …do not come…your safety is our first priority!

For groups of more than 15 people, We offer a 5% on full priced tickets. These are taken into account in our booking system once you enter a quantity >15 into the amount of tickets section.

The haunts are designed with obstacles and various other limitations so we do not recommend this event for persons with a disability.  The haunts are not wheelchair accessible.

However, we have a ticket for all the outside activities which includes roving entertainment and a stage with shows going almost continuously throughout the evening magicians and food outlets and merchandise.

This comes at a cost of $25 …and carers with Companion Cards will not have to pay.

The atmosphere is great around the grounds and the site is wheelchair accessible in most areas …the carers will need to be mindful of people that will be scared by our performers and they will run away in all sorts of directions !

But you will have plenty of fun even without going into any of the haunts !