Upgrade your experience and be even more horrified!

Options for all mere mortals

Escape Rooms

4 fully themed 10 minute escape rooms. Test your problem-solving skills and try to stay level headed as you tease through mysteries, conquer locks, quizzes and challenging puzzles. But, don’t forget all of these organised brain teasers have one objective…to keep you from escaping!

Haunted Hotel

When you check-in to this fully “scare conditioned” hotel, you’ll be welcomed by all our guests. It’s not considered a stay, but more like a getaway. You can dine-in while the butler takes care of your baggage. Treat yourself to the steam room and enjoy the squeals and screams of other visitors. Booking in was easy but checking out won’t be!


Get early VIP access to the venue and check the backstage and all the attractions before the general public. You will get to know the attractions with the lights on, the famous secret corridors, the mechanisms and the makeup room of the characters. As if that weren’t enough, every night, a mortal from the VIP group can be chosen to join our cast in a LIVE show on the main stage*.

*subject to availability