With over 30 years in the scare business we have put together a blood curdling collection of scare attractions guaranteed to leave you terrified (and maybe give you a bit of a laugh).

Meet and greet our not so friendly ghosts and ghouls as you pass between the attractions in a truly atmospheric and hair raising setting. As well as our 6 haunted attractions, the park will be full of other halloween entertainment to whet your appetite and get you into the spirit of things.

There will also be prizes for the best worst dressed individual each night, so please feel free to come dressed and made up.

We will also be joined by some surprise guest artists who will be haunting the scream park during the night.  Keep and eye on #fearaphobiascreampark for more details.

Fearaphobia is Australia’s first and only dedicated Scream Park. Unlike other theme parks Fearaphobia is built exclusively to guarantee you a terror filled and blood curdling Halloween.

Join the crack medical team to clear our facility of rampant zombies. The zombies are loose and infected and need fresh blood to spread their contagion. Will you be their next meal in this gore fest…

No one is safe.

Are you brave enough to take on the challenge?.

They say that seeing is believing but the darkness of The Crypt will prove them wrong. Not for the feint hearted.

You won’t see a thing – we promise. But this is the only sense that we will not assault on this blood curdling journey back from THE CRPYT.

The Scare Attraction with a Difference

Meet your guide a – crazed Morgue Assistant who will propel you through our mortuary drawer into THE DARKNESS where we will assail every one of your senses, except you won’t be able to see anything.

Frightened Yet — You will be!!!!

Get your crucifixes and garlic ready…

Making a special appearance straight from Transylvania, these ancient bloodsuckers have come to Oz looking for some fresh meat. Why not join them and you too can become IMMORTAL!

Do you have triskadekaphobia or fear of the number 13.
Join our cast of 13 macabre medieval monks who want to pray prey on you in this gothic maze of tombs and torture chambers.

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A team of malevolent misfits await your every move in this frenzied maze of mind numbing terror. Run the gauntlet of this Frightening Freakshow and you will never want to visit a circus again.

Guest Artists & Activities


As well as all of the haunted attractions we have a number of seasonally appropriate performers active in the park during the course of the night to spice things up and create a terrorific Halloween Ambience.

Try the ultimate near death experience AND GET

Visit the Scare Taker and confront everyone’s deepest fear on a terrifying trip to the other side.
Can you survive this near death experience and come back to life to earn YOUR death certificate?

(Note: thisis a paid extra and can only be booked when on site)