this is the place where your nightmares is hidden

More than simple mazes, here you face your biggest fears!


Welcome to our sanctuary! A safe haven for those wanting to escape. Offering you the protection, security and safety from the hustle and bustle of your busy life while taking in all the “creature” comforts from home. You’ll love it so much, you may never be able leave.


Move quietly through the creatures cavern, they hunt in packs! Soulless beasts with a thirst for blood that kill at will. These shrieking predators are waiting to seduce you with their dead eyes only to ravage and consume you.


Roses are red, violets are blue…
With your eyes sealed shut, what will you do?
Will you run? Will you stumble?
Will you scream out in fear?
You’ll do all of these, when the creepers are near!


This facility becomes the bloody battleground of the mysterious disappearance of a group of youths. Families tormented by news reports of missing persons and generations of loved ones lost to the depths of depravity. Contaminated by human waste and the pungent aroma of garbage only heightened by the evil that lurks there.


“Roll up, roll up, all the men, ladies and bald-headed babies. Welcome to the greatest mix of monstrosities the world has ever seen. With frenzied freaks and crazed curiosities from all around the globe. Come and get your tickets, don’t miss out…It’s Showtime!